2021 Best Pragmatic Play Slot Games

2021 Best Pragmatic Play Slot Games
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Pragmatic Play was founded in 2015 and initially acquired several games from a venture called TopGame Technology. Since then, Pragmatic Play has created extensive internal creative capabilities, and most previous TopGame games are currently not part of Pragmatic Play’s product portfolio.

Since the introduction of the UIGEA (Illegal Internet Gambling Enforcement Law), utility games have been accepted in the U.S. market, unlike many wholesalers that have left the micro gaming market position and Playtech.

The brand of an organization has been recognized by various legitimate business foundations. The pragmatic game provider has won a number of definite awards, including “Software Rising Star”, “Game of the Year” and “Digital Business of the Year”.


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Pragmatic Play Slot Emerald King

Emerald King

The game’s wild photos (including the pot of gold) will replace all the redundant photos to make all the winning masterpieces more integrated. This is displayed automatically when rotating, or augmented by a green clover in the upper left corner of the spindle.

The game looks amazing and has a lot of new features. A good Jade King detail is a doubling of his prosperity. For the purpose of the most famous game rolls, you can see that a multiplier appears, which is mimicked by the absolute success in turn.

This multiplier starts with a 1X rating, and at that point, each time you don’t win the total will increase by 1. Coincidence is reset to 1X when you win again. Indeed, when you change your bet, the multiplier changes in a similar way. If you have reached a certain multiplier, it is assumed to be 3 times, then if you visit a bet with that multiplier again, the multiplier remains unchanged.

Pragmatic Play Slot Aladdin and the Sorcerer

Aladdin and The Sorcerer

In the middle three sections, you will usually find a wild picture, which will be used as a substitute in the new mix. When they come up with different rolls, their wins will definitely be well appreciated.

The game will also display pictures of two other parts, namely Aladdin on reel 1 and Sorcerer on reel 5. If you open a single Aladdin, you can add up to 6 irregular wildcards. Or if a particular sorcerer appears, a similar one will usually happen.

If the chances of two pictures with Aladdin and the sorcerer appearing are not great, the two scrolls will be covered by wilderness and then start spinning again.

In “replay” mode, there is an argument between the two characters. If Aladdin loses, the clip will be closed. If he wins, he will go up to level 2.

In Level 2 of “Rebirth”, there are 3 rounds of experience points, and the affected desert will get a double multiplier. Finally, for the third round, you will get a 3x multiplier.

Pragmatic Play Slot Cowboys Gold

Cowboys Gold

Fundraising Function

Publish pictures of great players with numbers, 1 to 100 times the size of your full bet. If a picture with a different opinion appears on roll 5, the money valuation of all the farmer’s pictures will be added together and the prize won. This is called the fundraising part.

Free Rotation Function

When 3 other pictures appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 at the same time in the base game round, a free spin function will be created. At that time, you will get 10 free spins. Even if the opponent’s photo is registered in 3 other photos or many other photos, it will allow you to trigger again.

It is possible to re -trigger components in a variety of situations. Each trigger will add more free spins to your calculation and expand the multiplier in the “Payments” section:

Starting function: 10 free spins using a 1x multiplier

First trigger: 5 free spins, multiplier expanded to 2 times

Second trigger: 5 or more free twists, multiplier expanded to 3 times

Third trigger: 5 or more free distortion, multiplier expanded to 5 times

Pragmatic Play Slot Christmas Carol Megaways

Christmas Carol Megaways
Christmas Carol Megaways

The remarkable thing about cloning from an architect’s perspective is that there is no strong motivation to introduce new features. It sounds right on Christmas Carol Megaways, despite using a similar arrangement found on Big Rhino Megaways. For players, it can conclude free corners, Ante Bets and another prize purchase for non -English players.

Ante Bet’s work is one of the preferred content. Withdraw 25% of the combined bet, continue as before. The point of relaxation is to add more spread to the roll, thus expanding the possibilities of free wind pushing consequences. To be sure, this is in line with the chances of winning the free curve.

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